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Steal Protection Inventory

Ingredients are being stolen? Stop it right now By smart inventory system Ingredient and Food Menu Recipe are different module here Define recipe in food profile Ingredient inventory will auto reduce when sale a food You just need to sue When physical inventory mismatches with software

Recipe Profile for Food Menu

Define recipe of Ingredient of each Food Menu When you make a sale Those ingredients will be auto deducted, Vegetarian Item Tagging to Filter Quickly in POS Page, Beverage Item Tagging to Filter Quickly in POS Page, Bar Item Tagging to Filter Quickly in POS Page, Assign Modifier, Modifier Recipe

Post-payment & Pre-payment Support

Places Order->Running Order & Kitchen->Serve & Eat->Invoice and Payment


Places order->Invoice and Payment->Running Order & Kitchen -> Serve, Eat & Close

Powerful Point of Sale

Our Powerful POS panel is designed in a way so that placing and processing order can be fast Supports how restaurant’s order goes Requires less training It does not reload, to save time Contains sufficient guide and information. Very Easy To use & Understand.

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