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Learn Basics of Programming

Now one of the hardest steps — you need to jump straight into code. If you have some programming background, picking up Objective-C (harder to learn) or Swift (easier to learn) wouldn’t be hard — they are mostly standard, object oriented programming languages.


Create A Few Different Apps

This is the point when you are finally starting to make something useful. Check these sites:

AppCoda — probably the best starting point for beginners. You will find there many different tutorials, step by step with a lot of description. Definitely go trough all of them!
Ray Wenderlich — another useful site with a giant database of iOS development tutorials. Learn from it, step by step.


Custom App

At this point, you are starting to make your own, custom app that you will show to your future employer on the interview.

But don’t be scary! You don’t have to create a second Facebook. You are starting for a junior poisition, right? A position, where you are supposed to learn from another employees as much as you can, not to be an expert with 5 years of experience.


Software Development Generally

A lot of computer science/programming/software engineering topics you can learn at your home, online.

Of course it won’t replace you getting a degree, but to get a job as an iOS developer you don’t have to have it. See the picture above? Learn about these things written on it. And I won’t give you links now— searching for informations is one of the most important developer’s skills. Start train it now. Google is your friend.


Finish Your App

After a few days, weeks or months of learning and working on your app, you should have a working app. This app is your resume — you should put into it your best work. A lot of it. Here’s a list of suggestions of what employers will be looking for in your app:

working app
clean code
code organizing — small classes, well selected names for variables, nice file grouping inside the Xcode project etc.


Publish Your App

this step can be optional, because to do this, you need a an iOS developer account, which costs $99 yearly and there is a big chance that your app won’t break even that cost.

It’s up to you that you want to or not to have an app in the App Store, but a lot companies evaluate this as a big plus in your resume.

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